WOMEN ( Wanita)


Born as a woman is the provision of God no one can undo.Raised parents in accordance with the spirit and love for his son as men and women.Parents give any affection to his son did not distinguish women and men, the responsibility of parents to make children grow up healthy and growing well as women and female children.After reaching after the children and was able to play and new parents clothing and toys to distinguish women and boys.All children the same rights and obligations of parents to care for children. Happiness seen parents when their children grow up healthy and evolve according to age and family environment. Female and male differences occur because of the place and where the environment is different. Interaction with the environment creates conditions that every human being again have to adjust with each gender.Communities that have been developed and already established mindset that open each equal opportunities women and men was not a problem in women, because it should.Women will be marginalized if places and environments they apply very different rights and obligations with a variety of reasons. Women do not accept these conditions because the woman is ready to compete with men in order to make a woman can get every chance the same as men. The problem is time and opportunity for women does not come when men still think women are limited human capabilities and expertise. At the same time a woman thinks she is ready with its potential to compete with men in all fields and sectors.Start a woman looking for a way and a way for his rights and obligations can be in the same right with men. The private sector already look forward in placing women as employees than the government sector.Rules that open up opportunities and to protect women workers began to be noticed in every country..Let women's use and improve all the potential that women have to be side by side with men. In the household sector liabilities are heavier and more women than men. so form the self to be a good mother and take every opportunity that exists in all forms in society.