Everybody have desire to become good men,me too.but what and when a come true idon't know.a just prayer and working hard every time can be almost reality.May be now may be tommorow and may be next time all the dream can a come true.All the problem came and went over to my life,althought duty must be clear.As women can always leave every problem with hard work and prayer. Women every where at the world a have a problem in the our life .anywhere, anytime always come .i thinks for the out from our problem as the hard work and prayer is way out .What the a bout you? what can you do if the problem come to you when you don't like.Many people in the world suggest is sole keep silent and do some think a bout it.i thinks good for me.Teach the science of religion wherever humans must have a way of life.everyone have different ways of life between are free to choose which to decide which path in life,when it comes the problem, the way many of us the moment will open thinking to out from the problems.While the problem come to me,i hope my boyfriend come to me and make me, helped ease the burden of thinking,and then I was so hot hugs and kisses too stimuli plus I like it,the my feeling back healthy fresh maked her.the warmth of her smile made me feel desire to making love. While making love my feel enjoy warmth, fulfilled,my mind was blank.The problem with to change into a hot perspiration.It the a life problem that anyone can to become aware of some think by the sense of touch.Boy friend Touch become thinking fresh and we come back to cheerfull.