Anak Nagari:
On this Saturday on July 2011, I made a blog to actualize what is in my thoughts and dreams .
A Child was born in Aia bangih and spent part of his childhood there precisely in pasa duo (kampuang Cino). Playing in elementary schools and two Aia Bangih, childhood with my father and Mother with 7 brother , live from the income of the father as fishermen , and as the Mother House only We fill Halcyon at home, comfortable and at ease We felt at that time, the environment Nagari Aia Bangih still the original environment (Asri), cool, peace, the trees grow fertile.Ayah early morning had gone to sea to catch fish with crude equipment, but because there are still lots of fish with different types of fish caught, it is sufficient income to give us Livelihoods father, pay all the child's school children.
Wonderful childhood in Aia Bangih remembered the afternoon arrive I sometimes turn to older men I was waiting for his father returned from the sea.After boat docked to the beach / Pasia and Fish fish is sold then I immediately cleaned the boat and Ayah.Swim in the sea i fill enjoy cleaning the boat at the beach Beautiful Aia Bangih Mempesona. Cleaned the boat I came home the father took a boat ride to the east of the mosque (Mesjid Lamo) for tethered, shower every day as well I do at the river front of the mosque Lamo.Turun Us from the boat I immediately came back with some fish that accidentally leaving Dad to cook the same in the Umak.
That's how I live up to his father's childhood in the Almighty GOD give sustenance and leaving income for the tube under pillow.Elapsed time runs of the day, week, month and year.My father with the money that is started is to try to trade up to the Regional Aia Bangih Tamang, Batahan, Sibolga and also sometimes to Padang.
Full of high confidence Dad kept trying and in accordance with sustenance and hard work of the father can Capital to buy a big boat that can navigate the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra West Coast and West Coast of Sumatra Utara.My Dad continued to work with persistent and prayers to the Almighty GOD obtained showed enhancement.Dari Lapau story with fellow colleagues in the joint co-Dad-driven Machine Ship with Diesel.It have growing by wading along Ocean Vessel and cargo are taken, up to Sibolga, Christmas Island Lots and Padang.
After the father was established in Padang, We have brought family moved to Padang, I was still in elementary school grade 5 (five).
That was the beginning of the story until now I still berdomesili in Padang West Sumatra province capital.
Yours respectfully